I can’t believe I got featured in a newspaper twice in just a week! It’s so amazing and funny at the same time.  I don’t know why I find it funny though. Now I know how celebrities feel when their in the paper. LOL. Continue reading


Bad blog

So… I’m back in my blog after so many months of not being able to write here. I am so disappointed with myself for not being able to be consistent with this. 😦 It’s just that I am so busy with work and so many other stuff that I wasn’t able to even make a single post since March. It doesn’t help when I think that I’m online every single day yet I couldn’t even make one post. Dang. This just means I’ve been lazy or I haven’t pushed myself to really make this blog work.

Oh well, what’s done is done. I can only look forward. And this means I will really really REALLY make an effort to post here if not everyday, at least once in a month! lol. 😛

Lesson learned

Sigh. I’ve been so down since last night because I lost my secondary cellphone and I don’t know where I lost/misplaced it. I only noticed that it was missing when I was about to charge it in the office yesterday afternoon. I thought I forgot it at home, but when I called my mom to look for it, it wasn’t in my room nor our house. I thought I dropped it in the car just like my dad was dropping his yesterday morning when he drove me to work. Then I remembered, our car was brought to the service center that morning to get its stereo fixed. And of course, a lot of mechanics and whoever it is is going in and out of our car. So if I did dropped it there, it’s long gone.

I called my dad and told him that my phone is missing. He scolded me and asked me to check at the house. I was so sure that it was still with me when I left because, the other night, I took out and dropped everything that’s inside my bag onto my bed because I was checking and counting my expenses. And I still remember, although it is very unclear, that my phone was there and it was dropped together with my other things.

I am so depressed right now. Even if it wasn’t an expensive phone, it’s really regrettable because of the contacts, messages and photos that’s in it. I already called the network and asked to deactivate it and just get a replacement. But all those contacts and everything won’t be retrieved. It’s so frustrating.

Now I have to buy a new one and get it from my paycheck. Sigh. Sorry I had to write it down here.