Headpiece Challenge Teaser

Here’s a teaser for our 3rd shoot’s challenge: Head piece! Continue reading


The Hunger Games

Disclaimer: I’m writing this not because it’s so popular and all but because I want to just share some of my views about the book that made an impact almost as huge as the Harry Potter series. Sorry if there will be spoilers from the movie as well. Continue reading

Another Challenge!

Got the official photos of our second challenge already but been busy to post it. The first look’s photo will be given after the workshop. Can’t wait to see those too!

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Crazy tangerine

So, for our second shoot last Saturday, we are given the freedom of choosing whatever trend we want. I chose to try color blocking since I noticed that a lot of new colors are popular this season. I matched tangerine or orange and blue. Yes, I know that it’s been done before but it really suits the season and brights are so in this year. Continue reading

Extra challenge!

Finally! Our mentors released the photos from our last week’s shoot already. Though it’s only from our extra challenge. The real themed shots will be given at the end of the workshop. Still, seeing this photo makes me so incredibly happy. My first shot as a stylist and it looked so beautiful. I’m super happy and proud of how everything turned out. I mean it looked so good that it could even pass for a magazine’s page (that might be an exaggeration, but heck, I felt it was really like one)!

Gratifying Gold

So like I shared last week, I enrolled in a fashion styling workshop in Raffles Design. And, today was our very first photo shoot. It’s really such a nerve-racking but fun experience. First off, we were given each a theme to base our looks from and I got the theme metallic. Since last week, I was really freaked out about how I will be able to pull of the look that I wanted considering the resources that I have. I’m lucky enough to be able to get an amazing shoes by The Socialite. Really lucky that it’s the same size as my model’s. And it’s my key piece as well.  Continue reading

Of passion and frustrations

So, these past few days, I’ve been so busy with work and everything keeps piling up to the point that I need to just drop everything and let go. Well, I actually didn’t because that would be like running away from everything just because things are difficult. So, instead, I decided to go and do something for myself.

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Couldn’t ask for more

I was listing down my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas a while ago when I realized that I’m pretty much contented and happy with my life. I checked my wishlist last year for reference and I’m surprised that I got most of it. And those that I didn’t I could live without. It’s just really surprising to get what I want and now as I write my current list, I couldn’t think of anything else aside from a few that I like. So far, I only have 10 and I’m supposed to (or would like to) write down 21 since I’m turning that age.

From a kid who wants everything, I’ve grown up a bit into realizing that I just have to accept and love what I have and be contented. After graduating, having an awesome summer with my family, getting a long vacation, then getting the job that is right for me, I couldn’t be thankful enough to God who blessed me with all of this. I am just so happy. 🙂