Moving Back

Okay, forgive me for not being so techie and knowing these stuff, but I just learned that you can change your blog URL at Blogger. I’ve had it for six years and I didn’t bother to look around the settings bar. Well, before Google changed its interface, it was quite confusing (it still is, actually). But now I’ve gotten the hang of the site, plus I’ve already fixed the layout and everything according to what I like, I’ll be moving back to my old blog. I won’t be saying goodbye to this one though, hopefully. I’ll still try to post my writings here. That’ll just be my personal blog that I’ll be filling in with my craziness. LOL.

I hope I can get a bit of your time and check it out. Click here to see what’s in it. Pardon me for not updating it though. I’ve been busy. But I won’t be soon. 😉