Copying this from my personal blog, since I know I should’ve updated this one too. lol.

It is stressful to be responsible all the time, especially if you have got a lot of responsibilities on your hand. It really drains you out. Sometimes you’d just want to go away from all of it for a moment, take a time off and pull yourself back together. It’s so stressful that it takes the life out of you, but that’s how it’s meant to be. Responsibilities came to be, in my opinion, to give priority over important things that has an immediate and big effect on those that are depending on it. So much for pressure, right?

Let’s admit it, it’s hard to take responsibilities, all the more to be responsible about it. I just wonder why some people don’t find it a bit important to see to it that they do their responsibilities? How they could just slack off and let other people do the work for them? And how lucky these people are because there are some who are responsible enough to not let other people’s irresponsibility affect everyone else, thus taking in their responsibility as their own.

A conversation with a friend got me thinking, why can’t the world really be equal? Why can’t people treat each other in an equal standing as themselves? Must there always be superiority and inferiority, aside from political and familial hierarchy, in every society?

I know we humans are such complex beings that even if I ask, “Why do people who feel inferior voluntarily submit themselves to someone more superior than them?” or “What right do the people who feel superior act all high and mighty to those who are below their level?”, there wouldn’t be a concrete answer better than because that’s who we are.

I guess I’m just thinking that maybe it’s one’s superiority/ inferiority is related to how they see and act on the responsibilities given to them. Some who might feel they’re better than the others think they could get other people do the work for them because they seem overqualified for such a task and instead leave it be and let others take the responsibility to finish it. Take for example the characters in the movie Bride Wars, or Something Borrowed. Between two best friends, despite them being so close together that they might as well be biologically-related, one is inferior and the other is superior than the other. One gives in to the crazy demands of the other. One takes care of the mess that the other leaves behind. See how the superior one can do whatever she (FYI, the main characters in both the movies are women, thus the pronoun) wants without the care in the world? It’s because she knows that someone is there to take the fall and be the responsible one. There will always be that best friend who is forever disciplined, so much that she can handle being stern for the both of them while the other is carefree.

But just like in the movies, the inferior one bursts out when she’s had enough to take care of and fights for her freedom. She realizes her own responsibilities are to be prioritized and that her best friend could start learning to carry her own baggage. It’s such an empowering moment that I will always admire. Those who stand up to those who makes them feel inferior, or over those who are so full of themselves thus acting all high and mighty. It makes me feel that justice is served.

It’s not that I’m into the egalitarian thing, but at least in the sense of people being equally responsible in their actions and their works, I am. I guess I’m wishing on a shooting star that everyone should be leveled when it comes to their sense of responsibilities. That they should consider first what other people feel or how would their irresponsibility affect others. But then again, we are who we are.



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