Another Challenge!

Got the official photos of our second challenge already but been busy to post it. The first look’s photo will be given after the workshop. Can’t wait to see those too!

Like what I said in my earlier post, our second shoot will be a trend of our own. And the second challenge will be to only have a certain number of pieces in our second look. Upon seeing the photos, I wasn’t that pleased with what I’ve done and I know I could do better. Still, I know I could still learn and this is just part of the experience.

Special thanks to:

Inez Amante of The Socialite for letting me borrow amazing pairs of shoes again, and even her personal stuff too!

Cheenee Delos Reyes of Annaccessories for creating another set of amazing necklace!

And lastly, to Ms. Jen of The Posh Wardrobe. :D

Again, here’s our team’s set for the challenge. For individual shots, you may visit our mentor, Eric Poliquit’s blog:


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