Mom’s 50th


Woke up so early to prepare these 50 post-its and stuck them around the house as a surprise for her 50th birthday today. From compliments to saying sorry to all our wishes. Gosh, it’s hard to think of 50 things to say. Haha.

Happy birthday, Ma! I love you! :*


Contest Hustlers?

Sometimes people join contests or raffles in the hope of winning amazing prizes. But most often than not, they wouldn’t make it a big issue nor depend on it since the common thinking of everyone else would be that the odds wouldn’t be in their favor. Yes, winning contests especially with a huge prize or reward is very enticing to the public. And the more people will join, the less chances of you getting the prize. It does feel awesome to win something right? It makes one feel special, feel that luck was on their side, that among everyone else, you won. You beat the odds. Those kind of stuff are good occasionally. But what about those who make a living, or not really a living but live-off joining contests and giveaways here and there and getting stuff for free?

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The Farm v3 now open!

The Farm v3 now open!

The best music on the planet 99.5RT is again opening the doors to the world of radio. If you’re a college student looking for something to do this summer, or those who are just bored and likes music, then join the Farm! Continue reading

A Little Bit of Heaven

 It’s been a while since I wrote here in my blog. So much for trying to be a writer. But hey, I’m here now. And what made me write here again is this movie called “A little bit of heaven” which also made me cry my heart out after watching it. Continue reading