So I said I was gonna be a better writer and will post everyday but… I’ve just been so busy getting all those job requirements and that even my starting date got moved. But I’m all good now. And since I already broke my rule of writing everyday, I shall break it again. Rules are made to be broken anyway, right? So forgive me if I will just be blurting out how my day went because I just want to remember this since it is my first day at my first ever job. Continue reading


Still getting the hang of this

Okay, so I decided to make a new blog which is this one. It’s been only a day (a few days, actually. haha) and I’m still getting the hang of it here on WordPress. Its got a lot of settings and options that I really don’t get, or should I say, I don’t wanna understand. Is it that complicated to write a blog? Or at least manage one? Maybe it is just me not wanting to know all this complex stuff since all I wanted to do was write. Okay, I’m ranting, aren’t I? Moving on, I did make one here so I have to live with it. The hard part of this is thinking of what to write. And I did say I won’t be posting my rants and other personal stuff. So what should I write about without making it all about me? And I don’t want to post boring and serious stuff. I can do that when I get a job as a journalist (as if). So, what to write? Hmmm. I thought of some rules that I could follow in writing so that I wouldn’t veer away from my purpose of creating this blog. And here are some of it:

1. Never write here when I’m pissed off. It will most likely turn out as a rant.
2. Never write here when I’m too happy. It will most likely be a- what’s the opposite of a rant?
3. Do not get too absorb in it because it will take much time and I do have a job. Well, in a few days, yes.
4. Write only the things that interests you and/or me.
5. Try to write at least once a week, if not everyday.
6. Don’t force yourself. When not in the mood, stop writing. It’ll just turn out crappy.
7. Enjoy writing it as it is my dream to write.

So far, that’s all I’ve come up with. I’ll revise it when I think of something again. For now, I shall follow this as I follow the ten commandments. Regarding the topics I would be writing, well, anything that interests me. I think you’ll be interested in it too. 🙂

First post!

Hi! Luvi here and this is my new blog. I’ve created one thinking that I could use it to post my writings. Those with reasonable topics and not my rants and other stuff. LOL. I guess I needed to make this in order for me to become a better writer because I dream to be a published one. Although it’s fine with me if nobody reads it. 😐 Anyway, yeah, I’ll try to post anything that could interest everyone. And hopefully I can do it everyday! 😀